Elimination of Coliforms and other Harmful Pathogens


     As we know E. coli O157:H7 is a pathogen in livestock that has emerged as the leading cause of hemorrhagic colitis in humans. Its symptoms of bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramps may progress into hemolytic uremic syndrome, a form of kidney failure that can lead to serious kidney damage, or death.


Academic Studies

     From 2004 to 2006 UC Irvine conducted a study to remove coiforms using storm drain filters. The study covers 10 filters from different companies including the most popular brands on the market. The result indicates our filters are the most efficient in removing coliforms from liquid. The remarkable thing is the test was done with filters only, the whole FWT Systems had not even been applied.

Field Application

     *In Summer 2009, A golf course in north Barcelona Spain has been irrigated with recycled water from nearby sewage plant, but was having problem with salts and E coli. Instead of using chlorine and chemicals, FWT system was able to reduce E coli from 240,000 ufc/100ml to 65 ufc/100ml and neutralized all the salts contained in the recycled water. The system was verified and approved by Spanish Government. FWT systems have since been used in other golf courses in Spain.

     *In October 2007, our company started to service the discharged water from K&F dairy in El Centro, California. This is a dairy operates with 3,000 Jersey cows and is under the strict juridistion of Colorado River Water Board. Within 3 months, our system reduced the E coli in crops field from above 1600/100ML to single digit.

     *In October 2005, a field test indicated water at Belvedere Lake in East Los Angeles had 500MPN/100 ml total coliforms, and 600 MPN/100ml fecal coliforms, higher than the safety level allowed. After one application of our service, in three days total coliforms reduced to 170 MPN/100ml and fecal coliforms reduced to 170 MPN/100ml, E. coli reduced to 90 MPN/100ml.

Other Applications

     In the recent E. coli outbreaks of agricultural products in the United States, evidences point to contaminants came from water. In the case of fresh farm products, water safety becomes a main concern. Our system has proved to be able to safely remove contaminants such as coliforms, pathogens, E. coli, heavy metal and toxin from water.


     Compared with other existing methods of environmental remediation, our system is a safe, effective and comprehensive approach to all water pollution problems. It eliminates organic and non-organic pollutants alike. Other systems may eliminate a few contaminants, but ususally at a high cost and cause secondary pollution. Our system uses bio-degradable products that are effective and economical. Consequently, it is ideal when used on a large scale, such as lakes, rivers, beaches, reservoirs, etc. Compared with the traditional method of activated sludge and chemicals used in sewage plants, our method is superior in being able to reduce operation cost and avoid secondary pollution.