Direct Clients:

1. Consultation :

     Our engineers will visit job site to inspect the lay out, type of business operation and water problems, understand owner's needs as well as other requirements, such as government regulations, local ordinances, etc. After a thorough inspection and a detailed discussion with site owner, our engineer will submit a proposal within ten business days for owner's consideration. Treatment system will be designed specifically tailored to suit location, type of operation, current problem, water flow, and other conditions.

2. Signing of Contract :

     Contract shall consist of two parts: 1. System setup and equipment installation if necessary, 2. Service agreement.  FWT technicians will service FWT systems by inspecting equipments and adjusting dosages into systems, to make sure they are functioning properly.

Partners Around the World:

     FWT will cooperate with partners that are interested, capable, and qualified to act as a conduit between clients and FWT. Local Partners will be assigned an exclusive territory to represent and market FWT systems, locate clients, sign into contracts subject to FWT approval, and provide labor/services to the projects after systems are setup. FWT will provide material, special equipments and operation training for local service technicians and their clients. Contact us via e-mail, "Introduce" yourself or your company, and let us know which area your company is interested.

Irrigation With Saline Water

Saline Water Aquaponics