• What are FWT systems?
         FWT systems are designed to either reverse or neutralize the potentially dangerous effects of many complicated chemicals which are still produced too abundantly by human in more ways than one. FWT systems create a better environment for good microbes and living thing to thrive as years ago, when Nature still cleans itself in a balanced cycle. FWT systems use Nature cycle but make it thousand times faster.

  • How is FWT different from other water treatment companies?
         FWT use only bio-degradable materials, so there is no secondary pollution. FWT's experiences in microbes, enzymes, advanced equipments, low maintenance cost and comprehensive services are unique and difficult for other companies to duplicate.

  • Do FWT systems work the same in different projects?
         NO, FWT systems are dynamic, designed to suit client's particular needs, so every system is different, different design will have different results accordingly.

  • How do you operate FWT systems?
         FWT provides turnkey services and operation support for you, but FWT will need client's cooperation to ensure proper execution.

  • Do you give free estimates?
         Yes, but we are currently limited to our geographic locations. FWT will not make proposals unless water problems are treatable by FWT systems. Tell us your location and your need.

  • How is your "Partner Program" and how do I become a FWT partner?
         We are looking for joint venture partners in projects that we will provide material, special equipments, technician and operation training, while joint venture partners will provide marketing and labor in your region. Contact us via e-mail, "Introduce" yourself or your company, and let us know which area your company is interested.