Lake Reflection San Jacinto CA USA

     Ideally situated in the valley northeast of Hemet and surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains, 17 acres Reflection Lake RV Park is a family-friendly and family-oriented park close to many area attractions and activities. It also serves as a fishing destination for visitors.

Problems at the lake

     But by location, it is an open sewage receptor for the surrounding area, such as discharge of cow farms, chemical fertilizers, storm drain and run-off from nearby housing tracts.      Consequently the lake suffers from cycles of algae boom, odor, and fish kill. The lake owners used to treat the lake with chemicals, but the result was fish get killed, and water looked like milky pea soup.


     Beginning in January 2006, our company started a microbial regiment on the lake. Without any heavy or expensive equipment, our technician uses a small boat to apply materials on a 17-acre lake. Natural enzymes and microbes are applied instead of harmful chemicals.


     In six months, the water quality is dramatically improved.

     1. Nitrite reduced from 0.81 ppm to non-detectible, total Phosphorus reduced from 1.9 ppm to 0.22 ppm. The result is no more annual algae boom.      2. Soon after treatment, pieces of bottom sludge floated to top and were consumed by microbes. Overtime, bottom sludge at the lake is significantly reduced.      3. Odor removal --RV residents are no longer plagued by odor from the lake. Water is now clearer, cleaner, and odor-free despite continuous discharge from the surrounding area.      4.Fish prosper and grow even bigger than normal in the improved environment. Fishing derbies are now regularly held at the lake to the delight of many anglers.

Open system

     With the buildup of our system and regular maintenance, the lake functions like an open sewage treating body without the high cost of a modern sewage plant.