Lake Payson Arizona USA

     The Town of Payson Water Department is a public water utility that supplies drinking water to approximately 13,500 people within a 19.5 square mile area. The water system includes 32 active production wells, 8.1 million gallons storage capacity, nine booster pumping stations, two groundwater recharge projects, and two water remediation facilities.

     A staff of 17 full-time employees provides a variety of services for the convenience and necessity of all customers.

     Payson obtains its water supply from groundwater stored in a series of complex and random cracks and fractures in the granite rock beneath the town.

     The New Airport Runway Reservoir was completed on June, 30 1999, adding 1.5 million gallons of storage capacity to the town's water distribution system.

     Payson is a drought-sensitive area with complex geology that depends entirely on sufficient rainfall and snowmelt for an adequate drinking water supply.

     In August 2000, Lake of Payson, Arizona had very serious algae problem and fish were dying. we went in and applied our technologies. DO (dissolved Oxygen) was raised to 14.4 ppm within a very short time. Algae growth was stopped and the quality of water was improved. The problem was solved without using Chemicals.