Sangya Resort, Hainan China


     In 1999, Fortune Pan-Am applied "WT-FG" bio technologies method at Wangnin City Xinglong sewage plant and conducted a dynamic system test for city sewer water treatment.

     The result proved that test system is advanced in technology, procedures easy to follow and system can be maintained with reliable results (Sea Discharging Quality) and low operation cost.

     Additionally, retrofitting cost was greatly reduced and time required for retrofitting was significantly shortened. This test also proved that the high-tech methods and products are not only suitable for old sewage plants' retrofitting, they are also suitable for new sewage plants and other industrial waste water remediation. The characteristics make them excellent candidates for broad application.

     To improve the "Environment-Oriented Province" reputation of Hainan Province, Fortune Pan-Am Bio Technologies Company (U.S.A.) and Joinbo Industrial Limited (Hong Kong) have established a branch company "Hainan Joinbo Fortune Pan-Am Bio Technologies Industrial Limited" in Hainan Province. The branch office will be a new army devoted to Hainan's environmental projects.