Leachate in Guangzhou dump site China

     Daitiang Mountain garbage dump started operation in 1987. The site covers an area of 57.93 acres. Everyday it receives approx. 2,000 metric tons of city garbage from areas like Haizhu, Dongshang, Tianher, Huangpu, which in turn produces approx. 500 metric tons of leachate . EPA had applied various traditional technologies trying to treat the leachate. However, due to the complicated ingredients, and dark color, strong odor and extreme bad water quality of the leachate, traditional treatment technology can never "accomplish" anything. Therefore, neighborhoods surrounding the garbage dump site was plagued year-round by horrible odor, countless harmful insects. Among them, the most impacted residents at the old and new Wei Village at Huangpu area and Zhi-shang village at Baiyung area had terrible time putting up with the problems.

     In early 2000, City EPA decided to introduce the most advanced technology in the world, "WT-FG" biotech method to treat the leachate at Daitiang Mountain Garbage Dump site. "WT", the unsung hero behind this method, is made of tiny microbes that are highly concentrated and specially cocktailed. Once dissolved in water, the microbes can release huge quantity of "enzymes", which in turn can break down the contaminates. Eventually the microbes will consume all the contaminates.

     The pilot test of leachate started with one, then 100, 500, then 800 metric tons, ..... From the initial experiment to the mid-experiment, to the final operation, the once dark as black-ink leachate was gradually turning brown, then turning clear and the horrible odor also disappear with the process.

     "WT-FG" microbial technology had also been successful in Shanghai and Hainan in treating sewage and polluted city rivers. However, this is the first time in China it was applied in treating leachate.

     This method is superior in efficiency, effectiveness, low-cost,low-maintenance, as well as low capital (equipment) investment. Guangzhou City EPA had already decided to continue using this method in treating the leachate in Li-keng Garbage Dump site.