River in Hainan, China

     The following were translated from An Chinese Newspaper "Hainan Economics Chronicle" ...

     New Arsenal & Army Added to Environment-centered Province High-tech Waste Water Treatment Succeeded in Hainan Province Test Project The High-tech Oriented Fortune Pan-Am Company Settled in Hainan. (Reported by Guyue, Laojun)

     Recently, Fortune Pan-Am Bio Technologies Company, and Joinbo Industrial Limited CEO Mr. Ho, Yingkwei completed and presented the Haiko City Daitong River/Wangnin Xinglong Hot spring Waste Water treatment pilot project report to the E.P.A. of Haiko City and Hainan Province.

     The report said utilizing Fortune Pan-Am's bio technologies to treat waste water has significantly lower the equipment cost, reduced total treatment time required, operation condition very stable, procedures easy to follow, operation cost economical and reasonable, and with excellent overall results. The effluent water quality met National (Waste water combined effluent standard) Class One Standard. The pilot test was a complete success.

      According to the report, Fortune Pan-Am Bio Technologies Company's highly concentrated Microbes (5 - 7 billion per gram) are very effective organisms that are able to devour the pollutants in waste water. This type of microbes are produced by the most advanced microbes technologies in the world. Since this type of microorganism will not cause secondly pollution, therefore are perfectly suitable for treating city sewer water as well as waste water from sugar mills, petro-chemical plants, tanneries, trash dumps, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, etc.

      Haiko City's Daitong River is a famous "Stinky River". During the recent years Haiko City attempted to treat this river several times, but due to various reasons the results were not significant. This year(1999) October 18th, our company was approved by the authorities to build a dam at Yinghe Road section and started an waste water treatment pilot test right in the river.


     After spraying to increase the oxygen , special enhancer was applied to help the microbes, open dynamic system to influent and effluent; the river's water became clear, odor disappeared, bottom mud (from 0.5 meter) reduced to 0.1 meter after 60 days of operation. This result was more than satisfactory. The treated water met National (ground water environment quality standard) four sources water quality standard. The water looks pristine clear, fish swim freely in the river.

     This pilot test's success established the model solution for China's severely polluted lakes, dams,rivers and streams, providing scientific, reasonable, practical design technologies coefficient and operation-management experience, resolved the difficulties of applying microbes for polluted river remediation.

     This year from November 20th to December 3th, 1999, Fortune Pan-Am applied the "WT-FG" bio technologies method at Wangnin City Xinglong sewer plant and conducted a dynamic system test for city sewer water treatment. The result proved that test system and technologies are advanced in technology, procedures easy to operate and system convenient to manage with reliable results and low operation cost. Additionally,retrofitting cost was greatly reduced and time required for retrofitting was significantly shortened. This test also proved that the high-tech methods and products not only suitable for old sewer plants' retrofitting, are also suitable for new-built sewer plants and other industrial waste water remediation. These characteristics means they have excellent prospect of broad introduction and application.

     To improve the "Environment-centered Province" reputation of Hainan Province,Fortune Pan-Am Bio Technologies company (U.S.A.) and Joinbo Industrial Limited (Hong Kong) have established a branch company "Hainan Joinbo Fortune Pan-Am Bio Technologies Industrial Limited" in Hainan Province. This branch office will be a new army devoted to Hainan's environmental projects.