Who we are

     As everyone knows, traditional waste water treatment methods are not only expensive, but also inefficient, and often cause secondly pollution. For example, traditional activated sludge method used in most sewer plants requires expensive equipment. Operation cost (electricity, chemical alone) could be staggeringly high. Most governments' efforts to control water pollution are usually thwarted by financial challenges.
     To this problem, our company has designed various proven FWT systems and environmental friendly products targeting this dilemma. We are looking forward to cooperating with interested partiners to solve environmental problems in your region.

About FWT

     FWT have many experts and engineers working in biotechnology research. They are devoted to design the systems of "FWT" and their executions.
     Our systems are carried out by a group of experienced engineers and onsite supervisors. They are dedicated to the projects of long term waste water treatment and management to ensure the quality of treated water is up to the local standards .
     We have branch offices in Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Mali, Tunisia, USA, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hainan, Shichuang, Beijing in order to provide long-term, comprehensive services to various government agencies and industries.
     FWT are constantly working on more economical, efficient and safe methods of water treatment to improve the environment.