Fortune Water Technologies

     Most of us know about the benefits of organic farming, but organic (bio) water treatment is not quite understood, although Nature has been doing it since creation of life on earth.

     Our company is committed and dedicated to treat all sorts of water-quality problems regardless the size of projects. For the past decade, we have developed FWT systems using 21th century technologies that dramatically speed up (several thousand times faster) what Nature has been doing to clean herself for eons. FWT technology relies on Nature, not chemicals, but are actually better than Nature. Using systems incorporating beneficial microbes and proprietary technologies, we can stop the cycles of annual algae boom in lakes, ponds, rivers, and water-reservoirs, and at the same time eliminate toxic chemicals, pollutants, odor, neutralized salts and heavy metals, reduced bottom sludge on-site and return a good environment to all water creatures.

     Our company uses only bio-degradable products to treat water problems. The methods and systems we applied can dramatically reduce operation and maintenance costs without secondary pollutions. Take action to make your water quality pure, clean, clear and odor-free today. You deserve a healthful environment.

     **Contact us for a free estimate on treatment & maintenance! We are also looking for joint venture partners in projects that we will provide material, special equipments and training of local technicians, while joint venture partners will provide marketing and labor in your region.

**FWT system has been approved by Spanish Government for irrigation of golf courses. Use recycled water from sewage plants for irrigating lawns and trees. FWT systems treat salts and E coli problems without using of chemicals.

**Joinbo (China) of Fortune PanAm Bio Technologies(FWT China) has been awarded by Environmental Protection Agency of China to be the new key technologies in wastewater treatment. "WT-FG Bio-treatment of Wastewater"; Item No.: 2003-B-038, Certificate No.: 354, Valid: Since February 2003.
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